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[Edit] Don't know why I posted this as an issue. Wanted to create a discussion topic - sorry about that [/edit]

I've found this project and wanted to use it for building Excel Add-In. Althouth I'm having a trouble with understanding all the things that are needed to create valid add-in. I've check the docs and the sample provided but still when I try to create my own function I get no results.

My code is as follows:
#include "..\..\xll8\xll\xll.h"

using namespace xll;

int xll_echomodule(void)
    try {
        OPERX o;
        ensure(o.xltype == xltypeNil);
    catch (const std::exception& ex)

        return FALSE;

    return TRUE;

static Auto<OpenAfterX> xao_echomodule(xll_echomodule);

static AddIn12 xai_echo(
    Function12(L">", L"?xll_echo", L"Test.Echo")
    .Arg(XLL_LPXLOPER12, L"msg", L"is the argument.")
    .FunctionHelp(L"Echoes the text"));

LPOPER12 WINAPI xll_echo(LPXLOPER12 msg)
    static OPER12 o;
    o = *msg;
    return &o;
It builds producing a dll but when I add this to Excel neither I see my 'echo' function nor I see Test category. I do not expect it to be working but still I was expecting to see something. When I import sample.dll I see new category XLL and some methods.
What am I missing here? Testing on Excel 2013. Maybe more working examples for the project would be beneficial for people like me who are having trouble starting.